From my greatest supporter on earth to my guardian angel in heaven- I love you dad!

One of my favorite parts of this journey was fulfilling it in the presence of my dad, Richard Lawrence Harris Sr. My dad was braving a terminal illness and teaching me life lessons all along. I could share anything with my dad. I shared with him my hurts, pains, hopes, and dreams and he shared his unconditional love and the Word of God. It is because of my dad's love and influence that I feel so thoroughly equipped to not only handle the demands of this new adventure but also to make the difference in the lives of others that his love has made in me.  If ever there were a program that was prayed over and is this one. 

 Prophetic Words

Of all the places you've shown me so far, this is the one I want you to pursue. I like this house the best... Location is everything and the girls are going to be blessed in that house.

Richard L. Harris, my dad

Our First 5 Months

New Way Youth Services was licensed in February 2018 but we did not meet our first resident until August. She stayed with us for just over 8 weeks as the lone ranger before sharing the space with 3 others in October. Then she left, then another- another would come in crisis and leave again before we were down to just two. Today we stand with four available beds and lessons that could have been taught only through the experience itself.  

New Way is determined to be an above reproach agency but we understand we are still new and learning. New Way is also determined to set a new standards in child welfare and youth placement efforts but not before we can break through some of the old standards and rise above all efforts to see our ministry fail. 

In five short months, our program has been a revolving door and of all we have served, only one met our program demographic. Of those who we did have the honor to serve, we are proud to have encountered. There is something special that every resident of New Way was given whether they stayed a weekend or some months- love.  

In five short months, we have been praised, thanked, rejected, eloped from, and accused- we have been both a county's saving grace and their target to disgrace- but through it all we have held on to our mission to place to operate in the best interest of the child

Fir the past five months, we have worked with complete transparency, opened doors, and on mission to work in cooperation with other service providers.  We have embraced family, made new friends, and given each who have come through our doors the opportunity to have an extended family and share in community with us. 

It has been an incredibly challenging five months but every hardship has birthed a teaching moment and an opportunity to be even better than we are. In the photo album below please share in our goal of creating a group home that fosters home-faith-family-friends-community and an opportunity to see placement in a whole New Way!


Festival fun-

A residents fun with a furry friend